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It's an HR Management Software Solution that Helps Small, Medium and Large Businesses (SMES) to Manage Employees and their Data with some exclusive features under one roof. You may know it as Human Resources Management System (HRMS), an HR System or HRMS Software but we as a Bright HR India Company keep it simple as "HR Software" which lets you manage Employee Data, Attendance with GPS Location Tracking, Payroll Process through Auto Payment Software, Track Performance and Appraisals, Shifts/Rotas Management, Recruitment and Direct Link to Job Search Portals, Different Types of Audits, Legal Supports, Telephonic Hand Holding, cloud Services with Unlimited Space, Different Type of Training and Many More...

Payroll Process Through Autopayment Software

Swift, secure and streamlined payroll management.

Secure Business By Choosing Right Talent

Enhanced recruiting process that is easy, intuitive, & interactive.

Attendance and GPS location tracking

Manage attendance through mobile app GPS Location tracking for employees on fieldwork.

Track performance and appraisals

Tracking tools to track goal achievements and performance for automated appraisal rewarding system.

Managed shift/ Rota Management

Rostering right people at right time helps you take data-driven accurate decisions. We simplify rota creation and speed up the process. Customize attendance management based on your unique needs.

Recruitment and direct link to job search portals

Create job requirements with available templates and customize them to your unique requirements. Push Job requirements/ vacancies directly to integrated job portals.

How we work with you!

Simply. Collaboratively. And endlessly.


We get to know your business

One of our consultants will visit you to understand your business’ challenges and needs. Whether it’s Health & Safety or HR & Employment Law you need support with, we’re the experts.


We get you back on track

We’ll get you up-to-date with the latest legislation by reviewing or creating all your essential contracts, handbooks, systems and policies.


We’re here for you

Whether you need expert advice or help during a crisis or just a friendly ear, our industry's leading experts are here for you and we provide always keeping the data protection in mind. We’ll also provide you access to 100s of fact sheets and online tools, too.


“Bright HR software has proven to be extremely useful in optimizing day to day activities, allowing us to be more creative and focused on our employees..”

Prasanna Saykhedkar
CEO & Founder

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Bright HR automates HR management transforming daily monotonous tasks to few easy clicks. Seamless experience across different platform with more effective and efficient workflows. Track employee progress while getting the right talent to drive your business goals. HR management made simpler with audits for your ecosystem.

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